Zefir Rose Leather Pouf

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Our poufs have taken the world of HIGH-END interior design by storm, and we can totally see why! 

Besides the fact that our products are made by the old school professionals, our manufacturing process is very different from the mass produce poufs available on the market. We don’t use modern machinery, instead, all our products are handcrafted in the same manner as it used to be for centuries while decorating Royal Palaces of Arabian monarchs.

We never use cheap industrial farm leather soaked in harmful chemicals or modern synthetic materials as it is for the most of the poufs available in the market today.

Just by a look or a touch, you can easily spot the superior quality of the cattle leather from nomadic Berber tribes we use for our products. Leather from nomadic Berber cattle been always highly valued due to its rarity, unique texture, durability and high content of natural oils.

As a final touch - our puffs are hand embroidered by craft women using Sabra (Natural Strings Made of Cactus).

Now it is time for the final exam!

Every item leaving our manufacture is strictly assessed by the grand-master and only the perfection is accepted!