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Moroccan CHIC RUG 2.4 FT X 8.3 FT

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Beautiful Moroccan Moroccan Chic Rug.

These rugs are the most exclusive soft and chic rugs from our collection.

The most remote of the Berber tribes, settled between the High Altas Range and close to the edge of the Sahara. This tribe and their work were undiscovered by the outside world until the mid 1990's. Talsint carpets are legendary for their vibrant colors and exotic patterns. Woven by women of the tribe, they use bold and striking colours and patterns, which reflect an older North African weaving tradition that is now almost entirely lost.

All the rugs we sell are selected ourselves in Morocco. In order to offer you the most beautiful vintage rugs in good quality.

☆ Size: 74 CM X 256 CM (2.4 FT X 8.3 FT)
☆ Material: Wool/cotton
☆ Color: Creamy/colors
☆ Condition: Excellent