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There's a lot of options available for stuffing your leather pouf. We generally incline toward the more natural materials, and obviously the less expensive ones.

Customarily in Morocco, Poufs are loaded down with camel hair to give them a decent thickness and shape. Since it's a hard segment to find, there are many other ways to fill in your pouf.

Poufs can be stuffed up with nearly anything you have in hands : Polyester fiber, polyester balls, plastic grocery bags, towels, sheets, or old clothing. Polyester fiber can be easily found in many stores. However, we find that it’s more suitable to fill your pouf with old clothing, sheets, towels or blankets. It will definitely make it substantial, solid and practical.

Filling Materials You Can Use


This is the most frequent strategy used by Moroccan families, and our favorite one. It helps decrease landfill by re-using your old dresses, bed sheets, towels or any fabric. This method is the least expensive and the most ecologically benevolent way.


You can absolutely re-use your old pillow inserts or new ones to stuff your lovely pouf. While you most probably won't find a pillow insert the same size as your pouf. it's entirely not an issue. Go for a pillow that is two or even three sizes bigger than your item, or you can use different inserts to get an extremely full, even feel.


This choice is progressively costly - however it gives a pleasant even fill and weight. Look online for DIY upholstery providers and specialty shops that stock coconut fiber or flock.


While it's totally reasonable choice, it is not what we necessarily use ourselves - fabricated polystyrene (EPS) or bean sack balls aren't naturally agreeable for our seas, shorelines or for our environment in general. Furthermore it doesn't provide you with a comfortable seat. Yet, it's the most favored option for most people.

Steps to Fill Out Your Pouf

First thing to note is that all those wrinkles and creases will disappear once your pouf is completely stuffed. So :

Step 1: Unzip comfortably your pouf and unfurl it all over.

Step 2: Gather your chosen material and ensure it’s all clean and dry.

Step 3: Start by filling the edges of your pouf and work your way up. Make sure you press down to ensure that every corner is filled similarly. This will allow you to put more stuffing in.

Step 4: Zip your pouf and turn it vertically. Move it from one side to the other. This will ensure a more even shap.

Once you finish all the above steps, you will be ready to use your Pouf! It can be used as a coffee table, a footrest or as a stool.

Get a Touristic Moroccan House Only by Using Those Delightful Poufs.

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