How to de-odor Moroccan Leather Poufs

How to de-odor Moroccan Leather Poufs

How to de-oder Moroccan Leather Poufs

If you've ever purchased a Moroccan leather pouf, then you most probably have gotten shocked by the overwhelming smell. Today, I decided  to share with you two simple ways on how you can de-odor your gorgeous Moroccan leather pouf.

White and Black Moroccan leather pouf footrest

Method N°1

Before you try anything else. go ahead and air the pouf. 90% of the time this method helps you get rid of the smell without a hassle. In some cases, the leather can be a bit stubborn. so you definitly need to try other methods.

Method N°2

We here at The Blue Pearl Shop have also wondered about how to de-odor the stubborn poufs. And who do you think had the best answer? THE INTERNET! Indeed.

We found many articles with the same method. and apparently it WORKS!

For this method you will only need 3 things :

  • OdorzOut or Baking Soda
  • A plastic bag
  • A vacuum cleaner (Optional)

    White and Black Moroccan leather pouf on white backround

    Step 1:

    Put your leather pouf in the plastic bag.

    Step 2:

    Sprinkle some OdorzOut all over your pouf. it’s preferable to use the all purpose granules.

    Step 3:

    Close the bag and shake it. Make sure that the product is spread evenly in order to get the best results. After that, leave it for 24 hours.

    Step 4:

    If you have a vacuum cleaner, then go ahead and take the pouf out of the plastic bag and vacuum the product off of it. If you don’t have one, then don’t panic. You can simply take the plastic bag outside of your house and give it a good shake until there’s no product left on it.

    Dark Brown Moroccan leather pouf

    AND VOILA! your leather pouf should be less smelly and ready to use. But just in case you were still not happy with the result. then you could definitely repeat the process and over time it should be good to go.


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